Monday, January 12, 2015

Tainted Kingdom

Tainted Kingdom

Patch 2.2 Live: * * Tower bug fixed * Hotkeys Added of the game. * Gameplay reworked to be faster and have more action. * Mission 4 has been made simpler. * Various bugs and spelling errors have been fixed Defend your Kingdom and the struggle for truth in this intense Strategy game. -10 Missions-Achievements and challenges-Fully Voiced and Animated Storyline-An Extra Bonus mode to open! Have enjoy! To help improve the game be sure to label your Comments as the following: SUGGESTION BUG COMPLAINT * All you need is the Mouse. * The instructions in the game. * The game saves your progress automatically for you. * Sound may be turned off in the settings panel on the lower right corner of the screen. * Use "Toggle Quality" if the game runs slow.

Have fun with Tainted Kingdom !

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